Best Indian Desserts You Should Try

Indian Desserts Indian food

There are plenty of things India is famous for, and Indian food tops that list. In India, you get a large variety of food items in veg, non-veg, and desserts as well. Till now, we have discussed a lot about Indian starters and other food items, but in this post, we are going to talk about the best Indian desserts you should try.

If you are someone who visits an Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill and orders gulab jamun every time they ask for desserts? If yes, then you are at the right spot, as this post will help you learn more about Indian desserts which you should surely try.

Best Indian Desserts You Should Try

 It’s a tradition in India to have dessert after eating the food, whether you are having an ice cream or an authentic Indian dessert. So let us have a look at some of the best and most authentic Indian desserts you should try out soon:

  • Gulab Jamun:

The first and most common Indian dessert option is gulab jamun, a hot and juicy dessert option. Most people try out gulab jamun with ice cream as well, the overall taste is fantastic, and the best part is you can eat this Indian dessert when cool as well.

  • Gajar Ka Halwa:

The following Indian dessert from the list is gajar ka halwa, made up of ingredients like carrots, sugar, milk, cream, dry fruits, and more. The dessert is flavorful; you will love the soft texture of carrots and the crunchy texture of dry fruits.

This dish is made up of using a lot of desi ghee. Hence make sure that you are eating it when hot.

  • Feerni:

Feerni is one such Indian dessert made up of milk, rice, sugar, and a lot of dry fruits; if you are looking for the most authentic Indian dessert, then Feerni, also known as kheer, is the right option for you.

  • Fruit Custard:

Fruit custard is a sweet and refreshing dessert made with a creamy custard base and various fresh fruits. This Indian dessert is considered one of the healthiest Indian food in Quakers Hill.

  • Ras Malai & Rasgulla:
  • Ras malai and rasgulla are classic Indian sweets with spongy cheese balls soaked in sweet, saffron-infused milk. If you are looking for the softest Indian sweet, these are the most appropriate options.
  • Barfi:

Barfi is a dense, milk-based fudge-like dessert that comes in various flavors. You would be able to

  • Kulfi:

Kulfi is a creamy, dense, and frozen dessert made with milk, sugar, and nuts originated in India. The best part is that kulfi is made using all-natural flavors, and no additions are made.


 There is a long list of Indian desserts available for you, but the above-mentioned Indian desserts are the most famous ones. If you are looking for the best desserts and Indian food in Quakers hill, then Hyderabad House is the best option.