A Complete Guide To Indian Cuisine: Everything You Need To Know

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Every time you look at the cuisine of a specific place you will notice a few food items that are loved in that area and the list of food items in that cuisine will be over. But, when we talk about Indian cuisine or Indian food in Quakers hill, the list of food items is never ending and comes in a lot of variety.

In this post, we are going to discuss a complete guide on Indian cuisine and everything you need to know about the most popular food items to try out at Hyderabad House, the best Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill.

 Some Most Popular Indian Dishes

 If we have a look at the traditional food items from Indian cuisine, no matter if you are cooking them in south India or north India, you will notice people using the exact traditional cooking methods.

Along with the region changes, you would be able to notice some changes in the Indian food items as well.

Here we are going to talk about some most popular Indian dishes that are loved in every region of India:

1- Butter Chicken:

Every time someone wants to have the best Indian non-veg dish, they always have just one thought in their mind, and that is butter chicken. Butter chicken is one such food item that is cooked with the help of boneless or bone chicken that is roasted or fried before and then cooked in a gravy made up of butter, onions, and tomatoes.

If you are looking for the creamiest chicken option, then butter chicken is the right option for you.

2- Chana Masala:

If you are looking for healthy Indian food items, then chana masala is the right option for you. Chana masala is made up of chickpeas which are full of protein and other important nutrients.

You can have chana masala with roti or naan as well. Mostly chana masala in India is served with puri.

 3- Palak Paneer:

Here comes the third most popular food item from Indian cuisine, which is Palak Paneer. This is one such dish that will offer you a variety of mixed flavors, as you get the hard flavors from palak and the creamy addition of paneer.

 4- Dal Makhani:

No matter how many dishes you have ordered in India while having food, but if you have not ordered dal makhani then it is considered that your order is incomplete. Dal makhani is one such dish that can be added to anything and everything.

If you have chicken, you can add dal makhani to the order. If you are having any veg dish, then also you can add dal makhani; if you have nothing and want to just have dal makhani, then also it perfectly goes with the order.


 Indian cuisine is vast, and every single food item feels like you should try it out. We hope you were able to learn more about some of the best and must-try Indian food items. If you are looking forward to trying the best Indian food, then Hyderabad House is the perfect option for you.